Community Newsletter: February 2024
29 February 2024
Here's our product and community news for February.
Community Newsletter: February 2024

Community Newsletter: February 2024

Hey everyone! Shwetha here with the latest tech update. If you're eager for deeper insights and real-time updates, make sure to join our Slack community or follow us on Twitter.

Here's what's been happening in the world of Common Fate over the past month:

Common Fate IAM Analytics

Common Fate now provides analytics to identify unused entitlements. We can audit trails across each cloud account and create a centralized usage report. Your cloud provider has some built-in services to provide IAM analytics, like AWS IAM Access Analyzer. Our analytics are different in that our results span usage across all of your cloud accounts, rather than findings for an individual IAM role.

In practice, we’ve found this to be complimentary with analysis tooling like IAM Access Analyzer. Currently, we support entitlements analysis for AWS IAM Identity Center. Want to learn more? Book a live demo using this link.

Common Fate's New and Improved UI

We're excited to announce the upgraded web UI for our platform, enhancing your experience, particularly focusing on streamlining the Access Requests process. This change also makes it possible to request multiple entitlements at once.

Sunsetting Glide

Our open-source project, Glide, will be transitioning to a sunset phase, with the project being archived in May. Glide will be put into maintenance now and the project will be archived on 16th May 2024. During the maintenance period, we will publish critical operations or security fixes where required. After the maintenance period, we will archive the project and the project source code will become read-only.

We appreciate all of you for contributing to Glide and our community. However, as a small team, keeping up with multiple projects has proven to strain our resources and is not sustainable. If you are a current Glide user and would like to transition to our identity platform, please contact us, and we'll ensure your transition is smooth and provide support throughout the process. We have more details on why we had to make these decisions in our blog post here.

Your voice shapes our tools. We value your feedback, suggestions, and ideas, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Until next time,

The Common Fate Team

Shwetha Umashanker
Shwetha Umashanker
Solution Architect
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