Eliminate identity risk in the cloud.
Common Fate secures cloud identities, enforces least privilege, and provides full visibility for proactive risk management.
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Our solutions are trusted by cloud native teams
Secure access to sensitive cloud resources, maintain developer productivity

Protect sensitive data in the cloud

Implement least privilege access controls and secure access to sensitive production accounts and customer data.

Optimize developer velocity and security posture

Speed up and empower developers with automated access workflows. Safely provision access based on configurable access policies and contextual checks.

Empower your team with effortless cloud IAM.

Common Fate is an identity security solution designed for cloud native teams.

Privileged Access Management
Safely provision fine-grained and time bound access to production accounts just-in-time across AWS and GCP.
Secure Database Access
Implement access control over all databases from a single pane of glass. Flexibly manage and audit all access to company data, right down to a specific row in a database.
Entitlement Visibility
Immediate visibility into unused entitlements across your cloud estate.
Advanced Policy Layer
Leverage company-centric context to define and administer compliant access. Configure access controls based on tags, on-call status, user location, user device and more.
Identity Risk Index
Identify, quantify and understand identity risk across your cloud environment. Track risk reduction over time.
Access Governance
We go deeper than just access logs and capture specific actions performed against infrastructure or queries against databases.

Connect mission critical tools and infrastructure

Extend the power of Common Fate and streamline your workflow securely.

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JIT access to AWS.

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Google Cloud

JIT access to Google Cloud.

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Configuration-as-code with Terraform.

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Connect Okta and sync identities using SCIM.

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Google Workspace

Connect Google Workspace and sync identities using SCIM.

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Microsoft Entra

Connect Microsoft Entra and sync identities using SCIM.

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Connect PagerDuty for automated on-call access.

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Connect OpsGenie for automated on-call access.

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Capture and detect on real-time audit events in Splunk.

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Capture and detect on real-time audit events in Panther.

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Connect Slack for access notifications.

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Capture and log access requests in Jira.

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Eliminate identity risk
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