The framework for managing permissions across complex cloud environments
Grant secure, audited and least-privilege access to critical cloud infrastructure. Enable fast workflows for access when it’s needed.
Trusted by cloud native teams
The authorization engine for internal access
Just-In-Time Access
Fine grained access controls made simple.
Automatic Least-Privilege
Implement zero standing privilege by default.
Compliance Reporting
SOC2 and ISO access reviews in one click.
Entitlement Governance
Visibility over users, apps and cloud resources.
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How it Works
Connect Common Fate with your critical cloud and SaaS services, as well as internal applications. Define secure access rules and enable your team to work quickly and securely by default


Connect your cloud

Integrate Common Fate into your existing access workflows to your cloud accounts.


Connect your applications

Common Fate integrates with the tools you use to grant access based on contextual information.

Our Philosophy

What makes Common Fate unique?

A framework. Not an app.
A highly extendable framework designed to be self service for your team and tailored to your team's workflows.
Integrates with everything
Build your own access provider or select one we have already built. The choice is yours.
Enables security AND speed
Bridging the gap between Cloud Infrastructure and Security teams.
Get Started
Granted is a command line interface (CLI) application which provides the world’s best developer UX for finding and accessing cloud roles to multiple cloud accounts. Install and get started with Granted in five minutes.
Common Fate
Common Fate is a complete IAM platform. Automate least privilege, frictionless access management, complete visibility over entitlements and compliance auditing all in one platform.