Sunsetting Glide
16 February 2024
Our open source project Glide is entering maintenance mode and will be sunset.
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Sunsetting Glide

Today, we would like to make some important announcements:

  1. Our open source project Glide is being sunset.
  2. Our team’s focus will shift exclusively to Common Fate’s identity platform, which also supports a JIT access use case.

Sunsetting Glide

We have decided to sunset the Glide open source project.

Glide will be put into maintenance now and the project will be archived on 16 May 2024. During the maintenance period, we will publish critical operations or security fixes where required. At the conclusion of the maintenance period, we will archive the project and the project source code will become read-only.

Existing releases of Glide will remain published for the foreseeable future, including our CloudFormation deployment templates and gdeploy deployment CLI.

The main reasons for this decision are:

  1. Our broader cloud identity security product, Common Fate, was to be built on top of Glide. During 2023 following user feedback and months of experimentation, we made a number of technical decisions and changes to the Common Fate product. Our codebase has diverged from the open source Glide project.
  2. As a result, the differences that now exist between Glide and Common Fate would require us to resource and support both of these projects separately. We are still a small team and this has proven to be a strain on our resources and is not sustainable.
  3. We believe that the changes we made to Common Fate during 2023 have improved the product and the overall user experience. This is a great outcome and paves the way for us to build the best product we can.

Common Fate - Identity Platform

Our goal at Common Fate is to build an identity security platform fit for modern cloud-native teams. We believe that Common Fate’s identity platform is the way we will realise our goal and ultimately provide the greatest value for the greatest number of teams. As such, all of our team’s focus will be on this product from now onward.

Within the identity platform, we currently support the following use cases:

  • JIT access for AWS
  • JIT access for GCP
  • Secure and auditable access for AWS RDS databases
  • Risk monitoring and least privilege analytics for AWS Identity Centre

In future, we intend to expand our library of integrations, as well as expand out to non-human identities (more on this in another blog post).

You can read the docs for Common Fate’s identity platform here.

Next Steps

We understand that this announcement could create challenges for your company and we’re here to help. If you need assistance or would like to discuss this with us, please email or ping us in our community Slack. We’re happy to take calls and help your team through this transition as best as we can.

If your team would like to transition from Glide to Common Fate’s identity platform, we’re on hand to help. We’re committed to offering the follow to minimise interruption:

  • Hands on migration support.
  • Introductory pricing discounts and premium support.
  • Glide support up until 16 May 2024.

We appreciate the support of the community to date and look forward to building something great and continuing to service you all.


  1. When will Glide be sunset?

    Glide will be immediately put into maintenance mode, with the project archived on 16 May 2024. After this date, the Common Fate team will no longer support or maintain the project.

  2. What will happen to past versions of Glide?

    These versions will remain available for the foreseeable future and your team can continue to use them, although they will be unsupported by our core team beyond 16 May 2024.

  3. How can I get support?

    The Common Fate team will offer support up until 16 May 2024. If you need support during this transition, please email or join our Slack community and ask one of our team members for help.

  4. What happens to Granted?

    Nothing. Granted will continue to be supported and maintained by the Common Fate team and the strong community of Granted users.

Fraser Ricupero
Fraser Ricupero
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