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Common Fate for Security Teams


Overprivileged permissions in complex cloud environments

Managing permissions within a complex and scaling cloud environment can feel like a never ending task. More cloud services, more engineers, more room for error and security incidents…


Automated least privilege access controls

Common Fate makes it simple to provide end users with only the access they need, when they need it and for the proper purpose, all in a few clicks and with a complete audit trail. Simple.

Secure by design
Govern and audit access to your cloud resources and reduce administrative access sprawl across your team.
Breakglass access
Easily manage requests for privileged roles for incident response and deploying infrastructure.
Complete visibility
Have your finger on the pulse and gain complete oversight into who has access to what and why.
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Get Started
Granted is a command line interface (CLI) application which provides the world’s best developer UX for finding and accessing cloud roles to multiple cloud accounts. Install and get started with Granted in five minutes.
Common Fate
Common Fate is a complete IAM platform. Automate least privilege, frictionless access management, complete visibility over entitlements and compliance auditing all in one platform.