Use Case
Just-in-time access to databases


Production access to databases

Users with persistent access to production databases have direct access to your customer data.


Common Fate grants access to databases

Common Fate integrates with databases to provision roles for elevated access and audit queries.

Assume roles fast
Request access in one click. Common Fate integrates securely with your incident response tools and Slack, simplifying administrative access workflows.
Query auditing
Capture audit trails for database queries.
Works with any database client
Works with CLI tools, DataGrip, DBeaver and more.
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Just-in-time access to databases
Get Started
Granted is a command line interface (CLI) application which provides the world’s best developer UX for finding and accessing cloud roles to multiple cloud accounts. Install and get started with Granted in five minutes.
Common Fate
Common Fate is a complete IAM platform. Automate least privilege, frictionless access management, complete visibility over entitlements and compliance auditing all in one platform.