Compliance Teams
Common Fate for Compliance Teams


Painful access reviews and audits

Trawling through your cloud providers logs and project management tooling to compile an access review report each quarter is a time consuming a tedious exercise…There must be another way!


Automatic access review evidence

We’ve designed Common Fate to make compliance easier. A single dashboard will show you who in your organisation currently has access to what, when and why. Plus, just hit export each quarter and your auditor’s access review report is done.

Compliance evidence
Access review evidence is captured in real time and contains everything you need to be compliant.
Audits made easy
Export your compliance reports in formats compatible with ISO, SOC2 and other major standards.
Complete visibility
Enjoy a birds eye view of your organisations compliance posture and remediate potential incidents.
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Common Fate
Common Fate is a complete IAM platform. Automate least privilege, frictionless access management, complete visibility over entitlements and compliance auditing all in one platform.