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Common Fate for Cloud Teams


Access review and controlling permissions

Managing permissions within a complex and scaling cloud environment can feel like a never ending task. Manual access controls and access reviews will kill your dev team’s velocity and lead to gaps in your security perimeter.


Securely request and grant access in one click

Common Fate automates away all those parts of permission management. A separate user and admin dashboard allows your dev team to request access with just a few clicks, and your Ops team to approve time-bound access within seconds, or have the request automatically approved. Easy.

Assume roles fast
Request access in one click. Common Fate integrates securely with your incident response tools and Slack, simplifying administrative access workflows.
Design your own workflow
Set up your own access rules for each provider and automate access reviews for a certain class of users and use cases.
Codified framework
Encode cloud permissions as code and audit changes using your existing source code version control platforms. Map cloud resource access to groups in your SSO provider.
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Granted is a command line interface (CLI) application which provides the world’s best developer UX for finding and accessing cloud roles to multiple cloud accounts. Install and get started with Granted in five minutes.
Common Fate
Common Fate is a complete IAM platform. Automate least privilege, frictionless access management, complete visibility over entitlements and compliance auditing all in one platform.