Common Fate Cloud
Product Features
Common Fate is a robust identity and access management solution designed for complex cloud environments and dynamic teams. Security isn‘t a feature of Common Fate, it‘s the foundation. Common Fate is built on the same standards which secure the internet.
JIT Access

Just-In-Time access

Fine grained access controls made simple. Request, approve and revoke access with just a few clicks. Plug Common Fate into Slack and build contextual and time-bound approval workflows and unlock productivity for your DevOps team.

Automatic Least-Privilege

Automatic least-privilege

Impose zero standing privileges by default and dramatically improve your organisation’s security posture. We automate protection of all of your cloud permissions and sensitive assets.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

We audit everything. Track who had access to what, why and for how long and export the evidence. No more all-nighters before your quarterly security audit!

Entitlement Governance

Entitlement governance

Modern cloud environments are complex and made up of human and machine identities. Maintain visibility over your users, applications and cloud resources and map all interactions and access patterns.

The complete IAM platform
Common Fate Cloud is a robust IAM solution designed for complex cloud environments and dynamic teams.
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