Announcing: Speed + Security
5 October 2023
Accessing your cloud just got a lot faster with our new desktop client, Common Fate.
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Announcing: Speed + Security

Since the beginning, our mission at Common Fate has always been clear. We're uniting developers and security teams with an exceptional user experience. We're making the fastest way to get access the most secure way.

Our project Granted is an example of this. Many companies over the past 12 months have standardised on Granted for AWS access. Why have they done this? Granted makes getting access faster, and additionally encrypts AWS credentials. In other words: speed and security.

But when it comes to most access management products, speed and security do not exist in harmony. Many products force employees to context-switch and message a Slackbot. Or, even worse, file an access request ticket into the void and hope for a response this week. These steps add friction. This friction makes these solutions difficult to deploy at scale as end users must change their behaviour to account for the friction. We can speak to this first hand - we made these mistakes in the early days of building our own product.

We digress, back to speed and security. Our product announcement today is about speed.

We’re excited to announce our new product, Common Fate. Common Fate extends on our values and the wins we’ve had so far with Granted.

We’ve focused on speed and reducing friction within end user workflows. This brings us a step closer to seamless access management designed for the cloud. Here are some of the ways that we make your day-to-day work faster:

See the full picture - connect all your AWS accounts and capture your entire cloud footprint.

Less context switching - move faster between accounts, regions and resources.

Find the needle in a haystack - powerful and intelligent search without the lag. This is especially useful for CloudWatch logs, which we have native support for.

Common Fate is available as a desktop application and runs on your own device. The AWS credentials you use with Common Fate stay on your device and don't pass through our servers. We don’t have any access to them.

On the security side, over the coming months we'll be connecting access management workflows into Common Fate. Our privileged access management framework will power these workflows. This framework is currently used by a number of elite engineering teams across the world and has already delivered significant security wins. We’re looking forward to making this experience available to everyone within Common Fate very soon. Beyond that, we’ll also be adding support for more cloud providers.

You can join the waitlist below. We’re onboarding people deliberately to ensure a high quality experience. We will begin sending invites on Monday next week for the first batch of users so keep an eye on your inbox.

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Fraser Ricupero
Fraser Ricupero
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