Community Newsletter: November 2023
1 December 2023
Here's our product and community news for November.
Community Newsletter: November 2023

Community Newsletter: November 2023

Hello everyone! Shwetha here with the latest tech update from Common Fate. If you're eager for deeper insights and real-time updates, make sure to join our Slack community or follow us on Twitter. Your curiosity and expertise drive our innovations, and we welcome your contributions!

Here's what's been happening in the world of Common Fate over the past month:

Rippling and Common Fate

We were recently featured on Rippling's blog, which discusses how they streamlined AWS access at scale. The blog delves into the integration of the IAM Identity Center with our Just-In-Time access tool, Glide.

You can read the blog post here

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.21.40 pm.png

Commercial Privileged Access Management

Exciting update! The enterprise version of our open-source privileged access management framework , Glide is set to launch in the first two weeks of December. This version offers hosting options in your preferred cloud environment, and it's compatible with AWS, GCP, PagerDuty, and Slack. Some key features include Just In Time (JIT) access, customizable policies, and unlimited audit retention. We've also streamlined user management with Single Sign-On (SSO) and SCIM.

If you're interested, you can use this link to book a demo or reach out to us with any questions!

Granted Updates

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing Granted, we're excited to share the latest updates:

  • Chain flag for Inline Role Assumption: You can now use the new --chain flag to assume another role inline. This feature can be utilized in conjunction with either the --exec option or as part of a regular profile definition.
  • DefaultExportAllEnvVar config: You can now include the DefaultExportAllEnvVar=true configuration in your ~/.granted/config file. This configuration will enable the automatic export of all environment variables by default when credential_process is used.
  • ExportCredsToAWS config: You can also include the ExportCredsToAWS=true configuration in your ~/.granted/config file. This will enable credentials to be exported to ~/.aws/credentials by default.

Kudos to our first-time contributors:

For a comprehensive list of updates, check our changelog.


Your voice shapes our tools. We value your feedback, suggestions, and ideas, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Until next time,

The Common Fate Team

Shwetha Umashanker
Shwetha Umashanker
Solution Architect
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