Community Newsletter: February 2023
15 February 2023
Here's our product and community news for February.
Community Newsletter: February 2023

Below is what we've been working on the past month or so and what we're focusing on next. If you want to contribute to what we're building, or would like more regular weekly updates, please join our Slack community or follow us on Twitter!

Product Updates

Common Fate

We've shipped a bunch of improvements to Common Fate in 2023.

  • Released the Common Fate Terraform provider.
  • Improvements to Google Workspace IDP integration
  • Use Granted to populate local AWS config file with roles from Common Fate Access Rules

For a full change log, head to our release notes for v0.12.1 and v0.13.0.


We've implemented some improvements to Granted in 2023. Check out the below:

  • Update to Granted Profile Registry.
  • Adding support for a custom template when generating profiles from SSO.
  • Ability to open a CLI and a console at the same time with a one liner (assume -t -c)
  • Improvements to automatic profile generation, including --prune to remove stale generated profiles (docs here with usage examples)

For a full change log, head to our release notes for v0.6.0v0.7.0 and v0.8.0.

Community & Content

We love hearing what you have to say, so here's a roundup of our latest Requests for Discussion (RFD) and recent activity.

Have something you want to shout about? The RFD repo is always open, drop us your thoughts here.

Community Spotlight

We're very grateful for our community contributions and product feedback. Here's a shout out to a few community members who have contributed to our projects recently:

  • Shout out to @holly-evans for helping us improve our CLI help text (#364). Thanks for catching this Holly!
  • Thanks @vdesjardins for adding support for a custom template when generating profiles from SSO (#327).
  • Thanks to @connorads for helping make SSO generate/populate expected behaviour much clearer on the Granted project (#332).
  • Shout out @grantjoy for improving logging around waiting for the browser (#321). Cheers Grant.

Latest Blog Posts


Common Fate team members will be attending the AWS Sydney Summit in April 2023. To anyone else going along, please get in touch and let us know. Coffee is on us.

Thanks for reading!

If you'd like to hear more from us, join our Slack and follow us on Twitter. See you around!

Fraser Ricupero
Fraser Ricupero
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