Common Fate Product Updates
19 April 2024
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Common Fate Product Updates

Common Fate Product Updates

Today we’re releasing new integrations for Common Fate, as well as an improved support experience for your end users using our access platform.

BigQuery Access Integration

Common Fate now integrates with BigQuery to provision Just-In-Time access to data. The integration creates an inventory of BigQuery resources across a Google Cloud organization and allows access to be requested to individual Tables or Datasets.

Read our integration guide here.

GCP Organization-Level Access

We’ve added support for provisioning Just-In-Time access at the organization level.

Read our integration guide here.

Embedded Product Support

You can now reach out to Common Fate support directly within the web console for assistance and feedback.

Webhook Integrations

Connect Common Fate to other security tools or build custom integrations using our new webhook integration. Using webhooks you can stream audit log or authorization events to any HTTP endpoint. Get started: Webhook Integration Guide.

CLI improvements

The Common Fate CLI now automatically populates your local AWS configuration file when access is provisioned.

Shwetha Umashanker
Shwetha Umashanker
Solution Architect
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